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2020 Foundation Funding letter

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The Foundation accepts requests for funding from faculty, staff, and administrators that support the aforementioned purposes.

Initial requests for funding should be made to the principal (or a vice principal) of each school, who are responsible for the designation and distribution of these funds, pending approval from the Foundation.

All requests for funding must be approved by a supervising principal. These requests will be heard and considered by the San Diego High School Foundation Board of Trustees at their regularly scheduled meetings, typically held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month during the school year at 3 p.m. in Room 103.

To request funding from the Foundation, a Funding Request Form must be completed in its entirety and submitted to the board, along with supporting information, via email at least one week prior to the monthly meeting at which the request is to be considered.

Individuals and groups seeking funds from the Foundation should be prepared to present the request in person to the Board of Trustees if requested.

This presentation should not exceed 5 minutes and include:

  • information about the item(s) for which funding is being requested;
  • information regarding those who will benefit from the item(s) requested;
  • information regarding other sources of funding that have been requested and/or received; and
  • any additional information you feel the Board of Trustees should consider.

Once these questions have been answered, the individuals and/or groups requesting funds will be asked to leave so that the board may consider the request in closed session.

The Foundation President, or an appointed Board Member, will inform you in a timely manner (typically within 48 hours) of the action taken by the Board of Trustees on your request.


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SDHS Foundation Request Form (Adobe Acrobat)



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