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Rae Riner, Foundation President received a great honor from Delta Kappa Gamma, Women Educators Organization.

SDHS  Foundation Presented the  Joe Schloss Inspirational Trophy to Theresa Fong in honor of her commitment and Dedication to SDHS’s baseball program.

About Us

Established in 1992, the San Diego High School Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization  that develops financial and volunteer resources in order to:

  • promote academic excellence,
  • provide scholarships,
  • support underfunded enrichment activities,
  • improve graduation rates, improve employ ability of graduates,
  • and maintain a safe learning environment for students at San Diego High School.

Who We Are

We are an entirely volunteer-based organization that is dedicated to leveling the playing field for students at San Diego High School.

Collectively, we fundraise, administer scholarship programs, write grant applications, source volunteers, and seek community and corporate partnerships.

Our team includes alumni, community members, and former teachers, staff and parents. With diverse skills and experiences, we share a passion for and commitment to San Diego High School.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors and community partners, the San Diego High School Foundation is able to provide numerous scholarships to San Diego High School students interested in pursuing higher education.
In 2015-2016, we were able to offer over $100,000 in scholarships to San Diego High School Students.

Scholarship Application

The San Diego High School Foundation is an all-volunteer organization and we need your help to both continue and expand our work.

We are searching for new board members and volunteers, particularly those with experience and/or interest in grant writing, fundraising, event management, and digital technology.

Volunteer Application

About Us
The San Diego High School Foundation Board meets the second Tuesday of each Month at 3pm in San Diego High School, room 103.

View our:

Monthly Meeting Minutes


Check out the funding page for information regarding allocation of funds and the variety of ways the foundation contributes to the High School and Students throughout the year.

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