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Del Carmen-Aguilar Francisca 2019-09-06

From: Del Carmen-Aguilar Francisca

Our Caver Family has really rallied together to explore new ways to meet the diverse needs of our students.  Here are some things I want you to be aware of:

Enrollment Updates:

Yes, we continue to grow…

We have made phone calls home regarding student drops and students who are not showing up for school and yet we still continue to grow.  As I shared before, some charter schools have closed and for one specific charter school, students were granted priority choice to enroll at the school of their choice. As our programs continue to be marketed across our district, we will continue to receive additional students.

Please take a quick look at the SDHS enrollments as of this morning, 8/28/19 listed below, remember these do not reflect Class Of enrollments as we await for the new Class of 2023 and new students to be updated in the system:

SDHS Complex:

Grade Level Total in Grade
9 763
10 743
11 639
12 536
Total 2681


My belief is that this will make us either the largest or 2nd largest school in the district (Patrick Henry also has a large enrollment).

 Grade Level Breakdowns:

SDHS: Business & Leadership SDHS: International Studies SDHS: Science and Technology
Grade Level Total in Grade Grade Level Total in Grade Grade Level Total in Grade
9 155 9 328 9 280
10 178 10 328 10 237
11 136 11 318 11 185
12 105 12 251 12 180
Total 574 Total 1225 Total 882


Counseling Center(s): New Enrollees, Student Needs, Balancing

Our counselors and wonderful front office staff have been supporting students through different requests, from enrolling new students (which range from about 30-40 students a day) to supporting independent student needs.

We will continue to have two (2) counseling location supports available this week:

  1. Any student needing to see a counselor will be able to connect with a counselor in the Library as they are there addressing current student needs.
  2. Counselors in the Counseling Office will continue to support new student enrollment.

Counselors and Admin will continue to work on balancing your courses.  Thanks to those of you that are currently teaching on your prep as I understand this is a huge commitment and you are helping to ensure our students are well taken care of because of the above and beyond support you have been providing. 

SDHS Caver Headquarter Link and Updates:

2019-2020 SDHS Caver Headquarters

At our teacher prep days we showcased the 2019-2020 SDHS Caver Headquarters Google Doc, it functions as a table of contents to a multitude of resources including links to calendars, timekeeping information, trainings, field trips, tech support, etc.

This is the new location for staff resources and hosts a multitude of resources including the most updated SDHS Master Calendar (Attachment: 2019-2020 SDHS Master Calendarand our current Bell Schedule (2019-2020 SDHS Bell Schedules).  As we continue to activate the resources, please take some time to review the latest activated links (Attachment: SDHS Map).

If you have recommendations or needs regarding our SDHS Caver Headquarters, please let your SDHS Vice Principal know.

SDHS Athletics:

Our new Athletic Director, Jennifer Ducat, has been working to get our athletics website up and running so you can be kept up to date on all things SDHS Athletics: https://sdcavers.com/

She has shared that many of our teams are off to a great start and I want to encourage you to go out and support them.  For example, our football team started the defense of their CIF title with a victory over Crawford last week and has a bye this week but come join us next Friday 9/6 as they take on El Capitan here at home.  SDHS staff can get into the game for free with a faculty ID and if you know of any staff from our feeder schools who want to join you or come to the game, they can also get in free with their faculty ID.   Again take a look at our athletics website to support any and all of our teams.


Francisca Del Carmen-Aguilar – Principal

San Diego High School

1405 Park Blvd. • San Diego, CA 92101